Constitutional conservative thinking…


    Of course, my thinking is a bit different here – but just a bit, as I also believe myself the Senate vote against Trump Emergency declaration is a great victory instead – a great victory for democracy and the rule of law in this country – I believe that everything should be done and that Congress shall keep all options on the table to stop America becoming a one-man-decision “process” – which is not only a clear path for a dictatorial regime, but most importantly, in the context it is unconstitutional behavior at its best when a president is rebuffed several times in his attempts and now using the Emergency Power Act as a backdoor to Impose his own rule – outrageous by all means! The founding fathers never envisioned a country with one ruler surrounded by idiots applauding – well, perhaps not so much stupidity but more like political opportunism and profiteering.

    Major changes urgently needed now, as it proves time and again the presidents alone and their own governments can’t handle to much powers unchecked!  Enjoy :))×900


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