Defense Secretary James Mattis to leave as of January 1; Trump taps Patrick Shanahan as acting secretary of defense


    To start with – the really fake news here – is FOXNews, which said in a blinking of an eye that Mattis will leave now “…weeks earlier than planned…” – nothing further from the truth considering that his resignation letter allowed for a three – 3 – month transition time for the WH to find and confirm the new Pentagon Chief.  Quite a difference in the overall understanding between “weeks” and three month – quite a different understanding given here to the Donald Trump new – hate-related, move on Secretary Mattis…  Once again a shooting from the hip WH decision.

    On the same planet – on the same week – we find out that Manchester United fires Murinho and appointed “…a care taker manager until the end of the season while the club conducts a thorough recruitment process for a new full-time manager…”.

    We can see this news to be quite an inspiration for Donald Trump who appointed himself a caretaker at the Pentagon – the only difference is the difference – the great manager called Murinho was let go for none performance while the Secretary of Defense offered his own resignation instead – with an exceptional performance, many times called the only grownup in the room in the Donald Trump’s troubled Administration – a man and military guy with a true care for the country he loved and so gracefully served and allowing himself to stay in position for three more months until a thorough replacement procedure can identify and confirm the new Secretary.

    But today the hate and lack of national interest in mind is cutting short this patriot stay at the helm of the Pentagon.  Is this the begging of the end for the Trump administration as news outlets here suggest?!  Most everybody left or is on his way out of this administration – the only administration I remember where the first two years term doesn’t apply to most of the originally appointed cabinet!  What a disastrous management we forced ourselves on US when voting for a guy with 6 (SIX) bankruptcies under his belt – what were we thinking giving the helm to such a proved incompetence?!  Because having declared bankruptcy 6 times is either plain incompetence or plain fraud – either one not a fit for the highest office of the land – highest office in the world actually!!

    Enjoy :))

    President Trump announced Sunday that Defense Secretary James Mattis will be leaving the administration on January 1, weeks earlier than planned and just days after his bombshell resignation letter made clear his policy disagreements with the White House.


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