EXCLUSIVE. #RobberyThroughRetrocessions. While in Romania he is trafficking litigation rights, Monaco’s convicted prisoner, Dragoş Săvulescu moved to Los Angeles near Beverly Hills and made a dazzling luxury living in a villas rated over 6 , $ 6 million


The official data of the State Secretariat of California shows that the businessman, Dragoş Emil Săvulescu, sentenced definitively to Romania for 5 years and 6 months of imprisonment with execution in the file of the Retrocedations and, as a complementary punishment after the punishment, three years banning some rights, is registered for 4 years as a US agent in Los Angeles, California, on behalf of the companies he set up in 2015 and 2016 and controls it – Amber Alert Entertainment Inc and Rising Glen Entertainment Inc.

The same data show that for at least 4 years, Dragoş Emil Săvulescu, now traced internationally by the Romanian authorities, has resided for both, himself and his corporations, the Los Angeles villa of almost 4,000 square meters, valued on the US housing market at 6.68 million euros. In June 2018, in the same villa in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, near Beverly Hills where he lived for a long time, Dragos Emil Săvulescu also registered a society belonging to his new wife, Albanian model Angela Martini, and recorded it as an agent at the same address, the two moving together.

In 2016, after meeting Martini in Los Angeles, California, the life of the Romanian landowner, Trafficker landlord in Romania, a member of the Monaco group, became, as he confessed, “a movie life”: private airplanes only helicopters, diamonds, luxury gift machines, Oscar parties and expensive stays all over the world.

Dragoş Săvulescu, the boy from Rahova, an associate of the Monaco group, has reached, in 6  years only, Romania’s millionaire in real estate, by litigation rights and football.

Dragoş Emil Săvulescu (46 years old) is a boy from Rahova neighborhood. “I struggled, I did business, I went into real estate business, I struggled and there for many years, I worked a lot many years from Monday early morning to Sunday night until, I don’t know, at 9 or 10pm. I was very stressed. My parents, engineers, assured me everything but I wanted more than that “ordinary” than just having something to eat and sleep. I live in Rahova. It was very hard. There, in my neighborhood, are just a few lucky people, “Savulescu confessed to Antena Stars TV, in February 2018. The dream of the boy from Rahova neighborhood, as Savvulescu even says, was to make money: “I am a business person, it is true, who lives in a brilliant environment today, but the values ​​of what I am now are of a moral and spiritual nature. I will always remember a childhood when I saw a luxurious car in Rahova, where I was living, and I was wondering if I could ever have such a car. It seemed a dream, something very hard to accomplish at that time. “

So, since 2004, when he was 31years old, the boy from Rahova has started some  business in press, football and real estate. Renting and sub-leasing of real estate, real estate agents, trading litigation rights from which he earned money, a lot of money.

Forbes Magazine, ranked Dragoş Săvulescu, in 2010-2011, in Romania’s top 500 millionaires with a fortune of between 12 and 15 million euros, with an enviable luxury car park (Lamborghini LP640 Roadster, a Porsche GT, a limousine Mercedes S65 AMG and a Mercedes G55 AMG SUV), spending for wedding ceremony of 500,000 euros at the Royal Palace, the Throne Hall. During that time, Savulescu was a favorite of the sports press and the Romanian showbiz.

The official data shows that since 2004 until now, Dragoş Săvulescu has been involved in several commercial or joint ventures related to the press, imbalance or sports / football.

In 2004, Dragoş Săvulescu appears in the share capital of SC High Life Trust SRL, along with businessman Dragoş Dobrescu, leader of the Monaco real estate business group, alongside Oreste Scarlat Alexandru Teodorescu and Felix Aurelian Rache, and other characters, millionaire of the Monaco group. The company SC Life Life Trust SRL was dissolved on November 15, 2018. That time, only Ioan Radu Budeanu, also from the Monaco group and Dragoş Săvulescu, was part of it.

Dragoş Săvulescu was also a shareholder and/or  administrator of SC FastServ Prodcom SRL / real estate, SC Expoinvestment SRL / real estate, SC Global Invest Group Investment and Development Company SA / Real Estate along with businessman Dragoş Dobrescu, SC Four Seasons Imobconsult SRL / real estate, SC Mandrake Productions SRL / film, SC Ivana Chubbuck Mandragora Movies Acting Studio SRL / film and SC Dinamo 1948 SA where he held 20.8% of the company, was a member of the Board of Directors, financier and associate in the share, over the years with Nicolae Badea, Vladimir Cohn, Gheorghe Neţoiu, Vasile Turcu, Cristian Borcea, the Iranian Karimzadeh Hagh Mohammad Bagher, Corneliu Dinu and Florian Bucşă / Florian Walter.

From Romania, Dragoş Săvulescu leaves for Los Angeles and makes two “film making” companies, one even with the name of the street on which he lives

While in Romania he continued to trade litigation rights from restitutions until the end of last year, businessman Dragoş Săvulescu, divorced, decided at the end of 2012 to leave Dinamo and then leave the country for the US.

California State Secretariat data shows that on November 13, 2015, Dragoş Săvulescu registered his first US company: Amber Alert Entertainment Inc., where he is also the sole shareholder and administrator. The type of business in which Savvulescu took over: “film making”, becoming an official agent on the American site of the firm with headquarters and address even in the house where he resided: 1889 Rising Glen Road, Los Angeles, California.

After just four months, the US state registers show that Dragoş Săvulescu registered a new company. On March 22, 2016, Savulescu also set up in Los Angeles, California and Rising Glen Entertainment Inc., with the same profile as the previous „film making” using the name of his address. So it is that Savulescu becomes a registered agent in the American territory of this company. After marrying in December 2017 with the Albanian model Angela Martini, after 6 months, on June 19, 2018, another company is registered. This time, on the wife’s behalf.

The third-registered company is called May23 Inc, the birthday of his wife, where  shareholder and administrator is Angela Martini. The field in which it operates is “beauty business” but the address is the same, 1889 Rising Glen Road, Los Angeles, California, Angela Marini moving with Dragoş Săvulescu. So, Dragoş Săvulescu officially registered with the State Secretariat of California, three companies (two of Dragoş Săvulescu: Amber Alert Entertainment Inc. and Rising Glen Entertainment Inc. and one of his wife, May23 Inc.) and two agents: Dragoş Savvulescu and Angela Martini.

The luxurious 4,000 square-ft villa in Los Angeles where the businessman Dragoş Săvulescu lived in the last 5 years, valued at $ 6.68 million

From 2014 until 2018, Dragoş Săvulescu tries to stick to the Hollywood world, plays various roles in films such as Love by Design, Pioneer Palace, Criminal, High Strung, Limani or shot drama, A Way Out and tries his luck as a producer through the USA and Romania.

At the same time, Săvulescu sets up his headquarters in Los Angeles, California, on Rising Glen Road, as he called one of his production companies, number 1889.

The 3821square-ft villa, built in 1960 and refurbished after 2010, is located in West Hollywood (WeHo), Los Angeles, near Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles, California’s Los Angeles Property Records show that the Los Angeles villa where Dragoş Săvulescu live has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, terrace, spa, remodeled, refined, with improvements and exits over time, was sold in 1998 for $ 1 million, although it only has a land value of $ 1.98 million. Today, is valued in the US housing market at 6.68 million US dollars.

In spite of the fact that the businessman announced in January 2018 the showbiz press that he had bought a $ 3 million home, which he filmed alone several times, the Los Angeles Property Register data show that September 25, 2018, the Rising Glen Road villa, Los Angeles, California, still owned the developer of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Malibu, Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Stephen Resnick.

So the property for a few years Dragoş Săvulescu and later his wife, Angela Martini, belonged to Stephen B Resnick 2014 Living Trust and Resnick Stephen B Trustee who have to pay a house bond to Premier America Credit Union by 2033 $ 1,380,000. Contacted to clarify Dragoş Săvulescu’s real estate situation in connection with the 1889 Rising Glen Road property, developer Stephen Resnick has not provided any answers. The US housing market assesses the rent for Dragoş Săvulescu’s villa in Los Angeles between $ 6500 and $ 10,000 per month

From 2016, after meeting Angela Martini, Dragoş Săvulescu’s life becomes a movie: luxury private jets, helicopters, yachts, diamonds, luxury gift cars, Oscar parties, and luxury stays all over the world

 At the beginning of 2016, businessman Dragoş Savulescu begins to show up with Angela Martini. Angiela Martini (33) is a photo-model born in Albania and raised in Switzerland who won the title Miss Universe Albania.  In 2010, she left for US, worked in New York for Elite Model Management, brought Martini Bikini to Miami fashion week in Miami, in 2012 and is now a “life coach” in the US.

Once relocated to Los Angeles to “meet her love,” Martini met him at a business party in 1889 Rising Glen Road, businessman Dragoş Săvulescu. And everything began to turn into a movie, the life of the two running in a dazzling luxury.

“I wanted to get into the movies and I entered so much in my films that my own life became a movie. Yes, for a few years, practically since I took the step from Romania, I can not say that I have moved completely, but most of the time, most of the time is in Los Angeles and probably as time passes I’ll be even more in Los Angeles. Just about that time life has changed because the location and the world there and what you do and the way you interact with people and everything, absolutely everything inspires and motivates you and, indeed, my life has become a movie. But for sure in the last two years my life has really become a movie because when you are really fulfilled, life becomes like a movie, “Savulescu confessed, excited at the beginning of 2018.

Angela Martini moved to the villa where the Romanian businessman living in Los Angeles, California and Savulescu began to fill his chosen expensive gifts, diamond jewelry, luxury cars, equally expensive trips, many made with luxury private jets. Thus they traveled together in Zurich / Switzerland, Eve, in Rome / Italy, at the Cannes Festival / France, Dubai / United Arab Emirates, in the Maldives, on yachts, holidays, hotels and all sorts of luxury parties.

In July 2016, the two arrive in Bucharest, including clubs in Mamaia, then go to London, Mykonos with private jet and Zurich with a helicopter. Also in the summer of 2016, Dragoş Săvulescu and Angela Martini, filmed a video at the 1889 Rising Glen Road home in Los Angeles, attending the wedding ceremony of the British financier Nat Rothschild of the Rothschild family in Switzerland, returning to Romania, seeing Ilie Năstase, the Savulescu’s godfather from the previous marriage, go to Paris, Ibiza Spain, on yachts, return to Bucharest and then depart to Los Angeles.

The two then spend some time in New York attending all kinds of parties in London at the invitation of Lord John Alderdice, and Angela Martini’s mother was invited to the Albanian Prime Minister at the first Diaspora summit in Tirana. Christmas 2016, the two of them make it to Los Angeles, then New Year’s Eve to spend it on a private jet, in Miami, on a yacht, and then in Mexico.

In 2017, Dragoş Săvulescu begins to host Oscar at his Los Angeles home, then goes back to Angela Martini in Rome, spends the Easter there, and a month before his birthday, Martini receives from Savulescu an AMG G63 Class Luxury SUV Off Road Mercedes up to $ 255,000.

Then the two of them are traveling to the Cannes Festival in June 2017 returning to Bucharest to practice the polygon, going to Mamaia, then returning to the same house in Ibiza, Spain, where they are traveling with jet. In the summer of 2017, Savulescu is only with Angela Martini with parties, yachts and jets, traveling from Spain to Italy, Ibiza, Marbella, Pisa, Sardinia, to return to Los Angeles in September. In October 2017, on Săvulescu’s birthday, the two goes to Vienna, then come to Bucharest, returning to New York and then Los Angeles, in November.

In December 2017, Dragoş Săvulescu marries intimately with Angela Martini in Las Vegas. Savulescu is buying for Angela Martini, a convertible Bentley of several hundred thousand dollars. Then the two return to California and film a video together. New Year’s Eve 2017, Dragoş Săvulescu and Angela Martini in Switzerland.

In January 2018, the two goes to the Seychelles Islands in a honeymoon luxury resort. Then they go to Zurich to take the “ring” and come to Bucharest in February. The following two months they spend it in Los Angeles, California, shoot some videos, and goes to Disneyland / Paris, then  coming to Bucharest, as Martini’s birthday in May, both going to Maldives, where Savulescu reserved on that occasion the entire beach and restaurant of the resort, for his wife.

The two return to Los Angeles, then return to Romania, in July and travel with a private jet in Turkey. They go to famous restaurants such as Nusret, where they are served by the famous binge and later come with a luxury.

Trafficker of litigation rights, the businessman of the Monaco group, Dragoş Emil Săvulescu was sentenced in February 2019 to 5 years and 6 months of imprisonment with execution and, as a complementary punishment, another three years of banning some rights. Dragoş Săvulescu is currently being traced internationally

After a two-year investigation in October 2008, Dragoş Emil Săvulescu is sued by DNA with 36 other people for crimes committed in dealing with litigation rights for precious and extensive land, beaches and cliffs located in Constanţa, where Savulescu, together with other representatives of the Monaco group, acted as tenants or assignees of successor rights.

In the huge corruption case, a series of crimes had been held against Radu Mazăre, Mayor of Constanţa, Nicuşor Constantinescu, president of CJ Constanţa, Monaco’s millionaire, Georgică Giurgiucanu, millionaire associated with him and Cristian Borcea, notary Andrei Aurel Jean, husband of the who subsequently became the head of the Bucharest Tribunal, officials in the mayor’s office, officials from the Office of Cadastre and Real Estate Publishing, heirs, members of the Law Enforcement Commission 10/2001 of the Constanţa City Hall, buyers of inheritance rights, interspersed buyers of land, and evaluators approved by the Constanţa City Hall, the deeds being carried out between November 2002 and July 2005, the damage to the Romanian state valued at this time being over 500 million euros.

Prosecutors have established that members of the Monaco group, millionaires Cristian Borcea, Georgica Giurgiucanu and Dragoş Emil Săvulescu have joined in the Holiday Club Neptun SA and have illegally entered into succession rights belonging to an elderly person, Aline Ivonne Movila Buzescu. It had inherited impressive properties in Bucharest and Constanţa and left its part of inherited fact to the Romanian Academy through a testament concluded in the spring of 2001.

With the complicity of the notaries, the Monaco group’s millionaires acted as heirs to the heir and asked the Constanţa City Hall to have huge land plots. Then the millionaires successively sold successor rights to acquaintances or relatives at other prices.

Trafficker of litigation rights, after 9 years of trial, businessman Dragoş Emil Săvulescu in July 2017, while in Romania, was sentenced in first instance by the Bucharest Court of Appeal to 3 years in prison with suspension .

On February 7, 2019, after eleven years of trial, the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice definitively convicted Dragos Emil Săvulescu of committing the crime of abuse un service, in continuous form and association for committing crimes, condemning him 5 years and 6 months imprisonment with execution and, as a complementary punishment, forbids him, after the execution of the sentence, for part of his rights for the next three years.

All this in the case when the businessman Dragos Savvulescu ceased the criminal trial for offenses of abuse in the service against the interests of the persons, complicity in intellectual falsification, false in continuous form, instigation to complicity of abuse in service against the interests of persons, several instigation intellectual falsification, incitement to use of forgery, following the intervention of the criminal prescription.

Together with 32 defendants and convicted from the file and even by his mother, Geta Săvulescu, Dragoş Săvulescu has also to pay 33,000 lei to the state. At present, the businessman Dragos Emil Săvulescu escapes the execution of the 5-year and 6-month prison sentence with execution. In order to be captured, on behalf of Dragoş Emil Săvulescu, the Romanian authorities issued an international arrest warrant.

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