IT specialists in denunciations, Irina Socol, Siveco, and Radu Enache, HP, about the dump in the system


In a statement in front of DNA prosecutors, former HP chief Radu Enache said:

“In 2013, HP signed with CNAS a maintenance project for the ePrescription application. We have been informed by Mrs. Irina Socol that President Cristian Busoi requests a sum of money (several tens of thousands of euros). We initially refused the request, but at Busole’s request addressed to Ms Socol, I attended a meeting with Irina Socol. At the meeting he explicitly asked for the money. I do not know if Siveco transferred the money to Buşoi’s account. “

This is not the only DNA-file filed with the name of MEP Cristian Busoi. Recently, in another case under the coordination of prosecutor Florentina Mirica, where numerous arrests were made for fictitious medical home care settlements, where heads of the Health House are involved, Cristian Busoi is, again, mentioned.

The price of obtaining political support from Traian Basescu

In his denouncement, the former head of HP Romania, Radu Enache, also targets Lucian Duţă, former head of the National Health House, who, although he has medical studies, never practiced. He would have reached this post being supported by PDL, the party of former President Traian Basescu’s soul. In fact, Radu Enache argues that Lucian Duţă asked him for money, explicitly, to get political support from the president at that time.

Thus, in the DNA statement, Radu Enache argued that: “During the discussions with Lucian Duţă regarding the transition from the distributed solution to the centralized solution, it raised the question of the necessity of obtaining political support for the modernization of the SIUI solution. He made direct references to President Traian Basescu. He explicitly asked for “sponsorship” with money to obtain this “political support”. There have been several discussions where Mr. Lucian Duta has requested these sponsorships. “

It seems that the negotiations were held in the home of the former president of the National Health Insurance House, Radu Enache making no mention of the amounts discussed.

Everything related to IT goes to Irina Socol

Following his denouncement, Radu Enache said, “I told her I would act in this regard, thinking that I would discuss with Mrs. Socol to find solutions to get the money. I specify that at that time, given the need to modernize the SIUI technical solution, I was pleased that Mr. Duţă wants to support this project. “

He said and done … After the meeting, Radu Enache contacted Siveco Chief Irina Socol, who informed her of Lucian Duta’s request. The finesse of the market and the level of the scavengers in the field, Irina Socol sets a sufficient amount of 100,000 euros, money which subsequently left the Enache offshore, Novensys, to another offshore indicated by Duta.

It should also be noted that the former head of CNAS, Lucian Duţă, is still being investigated in two other DNA files. One related to Irina Socol and Siveco, which he favored, thus committing abuse of service, the second having a stake of 8.6 million euros that Lucian Duta would be received for various other CNAS projects. Read here:

Under these circumstances, the current head of straw of Siveco Romania, Florin Ilia, complained in an interview for that the level of investments in IT affects the company’s revenues, which in 2017 registered the third consecutive year of decline . It does not seem that the laundered data helped the boss too much, please, Siveco’s “former head”. Maybe you did not give as much as you could, Mrs Socol! Maybe you made the wrong calculations!


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