Mihai Craiu – building and growing strong businesses since 2003 – Media Consulta International, a worldwide company activating in Europe and USA


For the past 20 years Mihai Craiu orchestrated the launch and development of some of the most important Media Channels of the Romanian market. He held various Editorial, PR, Sales and Management positios. Thus his style of management reconciles both the editorial and commercial side of a media business and makes the most out of this convergence.

He was at a time Business Developer for the main TV channels: PRO TV, Antena 1, Antena 3, Antena 1 Constanta. Also, during 2001 – 2008 as General Manager, Mihai Craiu orchestrated (together with the Editorial Management and the whole newspaper’s team) the positioning of Jurnalul National as Number 1 on the daily quality newspapers market.

In 2004 he was one of the three founders of the Business Magazine Saptamana Financiara; which he transformed (as General Manager and Shareholder) into the Business Press market leader dethroning the previous 15 years old leader, Capital.

He was the first to innovate within the media industry and turn the crisis upside down. In 2009, a year when all media producers were facing the peak of the financial crisis Mihai Craiu launched Realitatea Barter Deals. Following its success, the whole Media Sales for REALITATEA TV and Romantica TV have been outsourced to MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL (the full service business consultancy firm that Mihai Craiu founded seven years ago).

Innovation, challenging the market and swimming against the stream when vision dictates, it’s part of his DNA. 2011 was a time when all media producers looked mostly to protect their investment and felt threatened by the uncertain economic times, coupled with the fast peace of the technological development. Yet Mihai Craiu reframed the industry again, by founding two more challenging media products: Realitatea Constanta (the main territorial TV channel in Dobrogea) and the Television School ‘Tudor Vornicu’, a New Media Lab at the forefront of fusion journalism, with focus on Social TV.


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