My mind stumbles and crawls
Out of breath and overwhealmed
From a never ending string of thoughts
That keep it going in an
Unwilling marathon

My mind’s a craftsman
It takes the simple materials
That events and information
Are made out of
And twists them into intricate concotions
Webs of intertwined events that
To the naked and objective eye
Have no apparent link
Broken pieces of different puzzles
And yet when I weave them, they make sense.

My mind’s a prankster
Who loves convincing me
That the wildest tales it can come up with
Are the most plausible explanations
That every word that’s spoken
Has an alternate meaning
That every tiny action
From every single person
That talks to me
Shows their true intention

My mind makes me weary
And drives me to distraction
With it’s whispered analysis
With its doubts
With its opinions
Until they blur the lines of my reality
With imagined intrigues

My mind cannot be taken too seriously
And therein lies my struggle
And I’m locked in a battle of wills
With my own thoughts and feelings

-overthinking –
August 2019



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