Stop Everything and Check Out this Homemade Bespoke Library


There are many questions to be answered about this library– namely: why does one need a prison in their custom-built home office? Yes, take another look– can you see it there under the ladder?

This is the incredible work of Jim Cardon Customs, a Colorado based woodworker– but I say artist– with a very inspiring story…

Jim’s career began as he worked alongside his father and grandfather, building homes under their family business, Cardon Construction, established in 1936 and specialised in all cabinetry and trim work in the home. In 1999, father of three and grandfather to many, Jim Cardon had a tumor the size of a small lemon removed from behind his ear. His face half-paralyzed, Jim had to re-learn to walk, talk and eat again. He prevailed and decided to focus on his talents s a woodworker. And boy did he…

This is the custom-built home library Jim built in 2007 for his brother Doug. Sr, in Arizona. The project took 2700 hours to complete and has over 10,000 pieces of walnut. It holds over 2500 books.

 Jim’s inspiration was the library he saw in the movie The Illusionist (2006).

Utterly inspired, in awe and very much in need of a library just like this one, I don’t even think we need a reason for why this library contains a prison cell in its cabinetry. I’m going to go with– just because.

On his website Jim says: “I would still like to build something off the charts, mind altering. If anyone reads this and the stars of the universe align, and you need to make your dream happen, and you are looking for someone to do a mind altering woodworking project for you, that would be me!”


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