To Jens Stoltenberg – Secretary-General of NATO


My name is Cristian Rizea and I am a former Romanian politician. For more details about myself, I have attached my CV to this email.

Between 2005-2009 I used to be in a very close relationship with Mircea Geoana, at that time he was the president of the Social Democratic Party of Romania of which I was an active member for 20 years!

Unfortunately, in 2016, the National Anticorruption Agency of Romania (DNA) fabricated a case against me and that ended up ruining my political career and destroyed my life. it didn’t matter that in 2014 the same agency (DNA) found me not guilty for the same case! In 2016 I was leading the election polls for the Mayor’s office of Sector 5 in Bucharest, DNA fabricated the case that ended with my demission from the political party, then with my prosecution, conviction and a sentence of 4 years and 8 months for influence peddling and money laundering! I have tried in vain to prove my innocence but the prosecutors had one goal in mind – to convict me!

What happened was that I took a  €300,000 loan from an American citizen, funds that were given to Mircea Geoana 4 days before the second round of the presidential elections of 2009 when your co-worker was a candidate for Romanian presidency!

In return for these funds, Mircea Geoana promised to offer me a Minister position once he is elected as the President of Romania! As you already know, Mircea Geoana lost the elections with a margin of 70,000 votes, therefore, I had to return the money to my friend that I have loaned the funds from. I ended up giving away two of my properties (including the apartment that I was living at that time in Bucharest) as repayment for the loan that was given to me. Obviously, when I approached Mircea Geoana about the return of the lent funds he refused to return them to me. A few years later and two months before my election for the Mayor’s office the DNA charged me with influence peddling and money laundering for the same exact €300,000 that I have handled to Mircea Geoana on December 3rd of 2009!

Before my March 18th, 2019 conviction, I left Romania and moved to the Republic of Moldova due to the fact that I was a Moldovan citizen.

Unfortunately, at this time I am considered to be a fugitive and have an international arrest warrant issued on my name, all because Mircea Geaoana has illegally benefited from the  €300,000. I have attached to this e-mail documents from the DNA with proof that Mircea Geoana has acquired the €300,000 illegally, documentation where prosecutors show that Mircea Geoana is guilty with 4 counts of corruption but is protected at the highest level. The DNA stated that he (Mircea Geoana) and only he is excused for the abovementioned counts of corruption!

Due to this situation, I have decided to write a book where I am mentioning all the injustice that I have experienced, and where I expose numerous acts of corruption by politicians that are protected just like Mircea Geoana!

I hope that after you read these lines and will see the proof that Mircea Geoana is corrupt, including the video where he accepts a  €5,000 bribe – you will take the only acceptable decision: The demission of Mircea Geoana.

I am sure that his corrupt presence in the leadership of NATO can have a major effect on its credibility as the greatest military alliance in the world!

I would also like to inform you that I will immediately present all the proof to the international mass media because it is the right of each country within NATO to know the truth about Mircea Geoana!

In hopes that you will take the right measures in order to protect the credibility of NATO, I respectfully thank you for reading my letter.

With respect,

Cristian Rizea

P.S. The official document from DNA where it states that Mircea Geoana is corrupt. A hidden camera video of him accepting a  €5,000 bribe, and numerous pictures of Mircea Geoana together with his family on vacation at Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez in the summer of 2008 sponsored by me.

At the same time, I’m attaching a notification that was sent by my attorney to Mr. Geoana where I am requesting that the €300,000 lent by me to Mr. Geoana be paid in full including all interest that was accumulated up to date.  


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