A negative attitude is worse than a tumor


23 years ago today my parents and doctor walked into my ICU room, held my hands, and told me I had only a few months to live. I had a rare disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis and had 18 tumors throughout my lungs, kidneys, and airway.

16 years of chemotherapy, 200,000+ pills, 34 surgeries, and a million prayers later and I’m still around to annoy everyone on LinkedIn. Here is some of what I’ve learned — I’ll hope you find some value: – We have the capacity to find joy in all things.

A negative attitude is worse than a tumor. The best of life can come from the worst of life. – Everyone has a difficult trial. Everyone. Be compassionate. – When your looks get taken away, you better have a solid character or you’re screwed. – Priorities are revealed when abilities are stripped. Put them in order before life forces it upon you. – No one learns in the middle of a crisis. Survive. Breathe. Reflect. – Life is too short to take offense. Assume the best and move on. One day our children will struggle. We must endure our own trials so that, when needed, we can look in their eyes with perfect credibility and say, „I’ve been through the same struggle. I know your pain. You can do this.” Thank you for all you add to my life.


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