Ryanair will not cancel flights to Spain despite quarantine imposed by UK and Ireland


Ryanair will not cancel flights to Spain despite quarantine imposed by UK and Ireland

Ryanair disregards quarantine rules and refuses to cancel flights to Spain. The budget airline will continue to fly to Spain despite the quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom and Ireland.

SPEAKING to the BBC, the financial director of the low-cost airline, Neil Sorahan, reiterated that the “market remains open” and that the “calendar is still active,” so they will continue to operate from and to Spain “with normalcy.”

The executive specified that the company all of its operations “keeps under review” whilst continuing to reactivate its flight program. The coronavirus pandemic forced the Irish airline to cancel 99 percent of its journeys during the lockdown. However, Ryanair is set on its decision to disregard the quarantine rules imposed by the UK government and will continue flying to Spain.

Large Losses

The company, who brings the greatest amount of passengers to Spain, has had a terrible start to the fiscal year due to the coronavirus crisis. The company lost €185 million in its first fiscal quarter, which runs from April to June when quarantine measures were widespread across the European continent.

The airline was forced to practically halt its activity and its income fell 95 percent. Although they made cost adjustments of around 85 percent, it was not enough to avoid losses. Despite this poor start to the year and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic it expects to transport 60 million passengers throughout the year, 60 percent less than the previous year.

Ryanair considers that it is in a good position to recover from the disaster the aviation sector has experienced. The firm ensures that it has €3.9 billion in liquidity thanks to the fact that since mid-March it has made cuts in non-essential expenses and in the repurchase of shares.




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